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LMI Belux helps leaders and organisations realize more of their potential. People are at the heart of everything we do; we help them to achieve slight-edge changes in attitude and behaviour that translates into enhanced individual performance, increased leadership awareness, and measurable business results.

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LMI Belux, located in the headquarters of the European Union.

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part of Global Leadership International® Inc.- a passionate team believes that leadership is the key for change and "Attitude is Everything"!

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experts in growth and we facilitate your way to achieve your personal and or organizational vision through measurable goals and results.

The LMI Process

At LMI, we use our unique process to help you or your employees become stronger leaders. Constructed on the concepts of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and time, our programs help people improve their lives and tap into their leadership potential. Whether you’re here seeking personal improvement, increased employee productivity or an enhanced company culture, our development programs cater to every leadership need. By focusing on aspects like management development, personal motivation, goal setting and effective communications, we’ve orchestrated drastic directional changes for companies and people around the world.

The LMI Guarantee

If The LMI Process Doesn’t Foster Stronger Leadership, You Don’t Pay. At LMI, we feel confident in offering our customers this guarantee because we know our process and our developmental programs work. If a guarantee makes it easier for you to commit to working with us, then we’re happy to give you that option in exchange for trusting us with your leadership development.

The Total Leader®

Organizations are constantly searching for innovators and creators to join their ranks and help inspire the next generation of talent. Whether it’s to motivate an existing team or to strategize the plan moving forward, companies of all sizes are looking for confident individuals to step up to the plate and represent their business.

The Organisation of the future is one where every employee is a leader- of themselve if not of their colleagues. The Total Leader ®  initiative promotes the personal progression of employees, turning them into creators and innovators that can empower fellow workers, while delivering impressive results themselves.
By magnifying potential and fostering the growth of important leadership qualities, the Total Leader® program aims to coach raw talent into becoming the sought-after leader that every organization needs.
The Total Leader® program is made up of four key facets, that combined, represent what is needed to lead yourself and other people in the workplace. The four stages of a leader’s development are:Personal Productivity; Personal Leadership; Motivational Leadership and Strategic Leadership.


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Talent Gallery

Talent Gallery, provider of talented Professionals specialized recruiters of sales, production, logistic and finance professionals.... permanent or as an independant employee. .. young potentials or experienced managers.

ALBA Management & Consulting

ALBA Management & Consulting is an independent European consulting company based in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. ALBA provides capacity building and events support (AIR Events); as well as consulting services (AIR Advisory) to institutional and private clients.

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