The Making of a Champion(MOC)

A programme for high performance living

The Making of a Champion® (MOC) covers many of the major ‘life skills’ subject areas that employers, teachers, parents & careers advisors are continually saying young people need to develop in order to be successful in their chosen vocation, in their relationships and in fulfilling their potential.

Each place on the MOC programme represents a significant, life-changing investment in a young person’s future which pays back many times over in the added value they bring to their workplace, family, school or club.

Funding for a young person to join the programme is typically from the employer, parents & family members, raised by the participant, or a combination of the above. In addition, participants are also provided with LMI’s world class planning & goal setting tools which significantly impacts their personal effectiveness.

The program focus on:

Where Motivation Begins

Potential – Realizing Your Abilities

Personal Goals – Giving Direction to Your Dreams

Dedication – Paying the Price

Work- Preparation for Victory

Determination – The Refusal To Quit

Courage – Facing Challenges with Confidence

Concentration and Visualization

Perspective – Putting the Proper Value On Winning

An Achiever’s Attitude – A Quest for the Best 


6 month

Recommended for

Youth-15 to 22 years old


English, Dutch

Material available

Online and printed

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