Successful Parenting(SP)

Success of every aspect of life, including parenting, rests on how well you set goals and devise plans for achieving them. Successful Parenting program shows you and your family how to set and achieve goals as one nuclear unit. The program will lead you through the foundations of successful parenting, setting family goals, and communicating and growing with your children.

    The Program focus on: 

    Foundation for Successful Parenting

    Setting Family Goals

    Building Your Children’s Positive Self-Esteem

    Teaching Personal Responsibility

    Helping Children Develop A Positive Value System

    Developing Your Children’s Potential

    Planning Your Children’s Education

    Providing SOcial Skills For Your Children

    Teaching Good Work Habits

    Helping Children Build Relationships

    Communicating With Your Children

    Growing With Your Children


    10 month

    Recommended for



    English, Dutch

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