Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

Everyone has what it takes to become an effective leader, but first you must learn the skills needed to succeed in a position of responsibility. Our programme will help people nurture the talent within and allow managers to lead confidently.  

Sometimes, working longer hours isn’t the right approach, as you risk burning out and abandoning the task at hand. Instead, effective leadership teaches you how to organise your workload, practice better time management and learn the power of delegation.  

Throughout the course of the programme, you will be taught the importance of devoting time to high-payoff activities and how trusting colleagues with non-urgent tasks can be beneficial to your business.   

Whether you are currently in a management role or looking to take a step up within your organisation, the Effective Leadership Development programme will help you get the most out of your team, whilst overcoming any obstacles along the way.  

Once you learn how to clearly communicate with your team, you’ll find that people are more willing to follow your lead and work towards the common goal.  

As part of your coaching, you will discover the benefits of utilising the unique LMI learning process. Our approach of gradual change, spaced repetition and multi-sensory learning guarantees you develop new, effective practices that will last you a lifetime. 

The participants can expect to:

  • Nurture the leadership talent within
  • Learn how to manage their time
  • Understand the importance of planning and preparation
  • Clarify the best approach to corrective action
  • Learn how to handle serious person issues
  • Become better at delegating work
  • Communicate clearly with colleagues
  • Understand the importance of motivating staff
  • Learn how to lead by example
  • Overcome organisational and personal problems
  • Develop potential through training

5 month (10 Bi-Weekly sessions)

Recommended for

Newly appointed and Team Leaders



Material available

Online and printed

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