Attitude is Everything (AIE)

Attitude is Everything!

The issue so many people face today is that they have either been programmed with or have developed a negative mental attitude. In fact, what you have become and where you are in your present life can all be traced back to a first cause: the choices you made as a result of your dominating thoughts and attitude.

Attitude is a habit of thought.

Who you are is a function of specific choices that you have made. Who you are is not determined by how you look, where you live, or who your parents were. You are where you are and what you are because of the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind. It’s up to you to take the steps to change your thoughts and your attitude. You don’t have to be controlled by the words that may have been spoken to you as a child, or by the words you continue to speak to yourself. You have the power to change, to be, and to do anything…so use this program to do that!

This program ascertains how you will develop a serious commitment to personal and professional excellence. You have the freedom and the right of choosing the destination and charting the course for yourself. When you adopt the attitudes and apply the principles in this course you become the pilot and the navigator of an incredible success journey. The program will teach you the power of positive expectancy, the difference between winners and losers, and provide you with all the tools to forming a winning and determined attitude.

The program focus on:

Gaining the Slight Edge

What It Takes To Become A Winner

Cultivating an Abundance Attitude

Focusing on Singleness of Purpose

Psycho-Cybernetics for Winners

Developing The Desire of A Winner

Maximizing the Power of Enthusiasm

A Tough Mental Attitude

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

The Positive Forces of Life

Embracing the Pure Joy of Work

Becoming a Total Person®


8 month

Recommended for

Any individual above 21 years old



Material available

Online and printed

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