Effective Communication (EC)

Miscommunication costs businesses and industries millions of dollars each year. Learning how to communicate effectively is a dynamic process, but it can play a huge role in the longevity of your company. In order to have that effective communication, you must first understand human behaviour and the different styles people have when exchanging information.

Effective Communication course will help you to improve your communication skills, overcome communication barriers, understand styles of behaviour and various ways of communication and solve problems through communication. You will learn the art of active listening and communicating in groups – from planning to presenting. This course starts by considering the challenges of each participant and then developing goals to improve their communication skill. People communicate in different ways, and it’s a leader’s responsibility to discern and cater to each of their team member’s styles. 

We can help your company learn the art of active listening and start solving (instead of causing) problems through better communication. Sharpen your business development skills with this Effective Communication course to become more productive, communicate more effectively, or evolve into a team assets. Strong self-motivation and crystallized goals are the keys to your enhanced success.

Effective Communication Focus on:

Communication for Results

The Psychology of Communication

Understanding- The key of Effective Communication 

Communicating by the Written Word

Problem Solving Through Communication

Building Successful Relationships Through Communication


5 month

Recommended for

University Students, Entrepreneur, Professionals



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