Profile Evaluation System (PES)

Our Profile Evaluation System™ (PES) has been successfully implemented in thousands of organisations throughout the world for more than 30 years and is the right business tool for evaluating people; those within your organisation and those that might want to join.

“Get the RIGHT fit for the RIGHT job”


Find it difficult to learn about the applicant’s abilities through resume and interview? Profile Evaluation is your ultimate solution.

Profile Evaluation System enables you to know about the Mental Aptitudes and Personality Dimensions of the applicant, which play a major role in their work output and progress. Define the ideal talent sets you require, ask applicants or employees to complete the online assessment, and get detailed coaching, hiring and personal reports. The Profile clearly identifies strengths and development needs. This not only helps you hire the right fit but also empowers you to assist employees to grow into the position to which they are best suited or most interested.

Mental Aptitudes

The Aptitudes section consists of six sections each of which was designed to measure an aptitude important in job performance.

Personality Dimensions

The personality structure is measured in accordance with the Bell Curve with one-third of the population in the 1-3 range, one-third in the 4-6 range, and one-third in the 7-9 range. There is no particular low or high. Instead the level scored must be compared to the requirements of the job or the lifestyle.


The Distortion and Equivocation measurements are added to the instrument to assess the reliability and accuracy of the answers given by the individual completing the evaluation booklet.

Enjoy these benefits of Profile Evaluation :

  • Eliminates trial and error in placement
  • Saves time and money in selection and training of the right person for the right position.
  • Reduces turnover, absenteeism and waste.
  • Increases Productivity and Profit.
  • Identifies specific training needs.
  • Provides management with coaching guidelines for effective employee feedback.
  • The Profile System is low cost and easy to administer.

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