Effective Team Dynamics (ETD)

This programme is designed to help develop fantastic teams, working together effectively with shared vision, goals and understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Learn the true benefits of teamwork in the workplace, and how it can expand your skills, earn you greater success, and develop leadership qualities.

We will show you how through collective knowledge, skill, experience, power and creativity, your team can become more productive and deliver greater success for your organisation. By exploring examples of effective teams, we will help you understand the true definition of ‘team’, showing you how to optimise the productivity of your employees by nurturing a group of talented individuals that enjoy working together.

Whether it’s a small group or a larger team, we will teach you how to build an effective team chemistry, and establish a culture of productivity, through encouragement and peer motivation.

The participants can expect to:

  • Understand the power of teamwork
  • Develop high-performance teams
  • Work together towards team goals
  • Handle team challenges
  • Improve team communication
  • Evaluate current team strengths
  • Identify areas for team development
  • Develop a team plan of action
  • Build trust and respect within the team
  • Achiever great team success.

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