Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

This programme is designed to help individuals improve their ability to plan, organise and make use of their day more effectively. We believe there are enough hours in the day if they are used wisely.

The Effective Personal Productivity programme will suit those with existing management responsibilities, from first line managers to senior directors, who also want to develop as an individual, achieve goals and enjoy greater success.

By learning about a powerful goal setting process, participants can improve their communication, time management and delegation skill. At the same time, they find out about how to empower others and increase team productivity.

The methods and techniques taught are a valuable resource for developing existing skills, whilst reinforcing productive attitudes.

During coaching each participant will discover the benefits of utilising the unique LMI process of gradual change over time, with spaced repetition and multi-sensory learning to guarantee new, effective practices that last a lifetime.

The participants can expect to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Identify high pay-off activities
  • Set priorities in six areas of life
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Handle paper flow
  • Develop team players through delegation
  • Enhance employee attitudes
  • Develop and coach self-directed work teams
  • Enhance effective communication
  • Find time for planning and goal setting


4 month

Recommended for

Middle, Upper and Senior Management


English, Dutch, French

Material available

Online and printed

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