Building Financial Success(BFS)

This course contains no magic formula for producing wealth. It does, however, provide you with some basic financial concepts that relate to earnings, savings and investments. It presents workable, proven guidelines for the formulation of plans to achieve financial goals.

Designed with ten core lessons geared to balance your self-image and money building consciousness. Develop an action plan, managing cashflow, and leveraging untapped profitable opportunities. You and your family will discover the fundamentals to successful, and calculated risk taking while discovering new, unlimited resources of opportunities. It provides tools you may use to increase and sustain personal motivation to achieve your goals for earnings, savings, and investments.

The program focus on:

Born To Be Wealthy

Self-Image and Building Money Consciousness

Be Fruitful and Multiply

The Financial Plan As Your Cornerstone

Taking Action On Your Goals

Managing Cash Flow

Investment Opportunities

Increasing Profits Through Leverage

Calculated Risk Taking

Benefits of Financial Success


5.5 month

Recommended for

Any individual above 21 years old



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