Sharon Long​

Sharon is the Managing Director of LMI Belux having taken over in 2022. She joined the LMI Family in 2016 and has worked with LMI Belgium and Netherlands. 

Sharon Loves to see people develop personally and professionally, helping them to translate the life-changing impact of LMI programs into transformation of their teams and organisations. 

In last 20 years, Sharon has been working with multi-cultural team covering areas in Soft Skill training for top 500 companies; Emotional Intelligence Education for Children between 5-15 years; career coach and life coach.

Sharon is fascinated by people and their capacities and abilities to change and grow. She likes to continuously challenge herself to explore new territories of what’s possible. For that, she is in the pursuit of trying to be the best she can be. She is aiming to touch the lives of as many people as she can, serve as many leaders as she can. Her motto is “to be the type of person that no matter where she is and who she is with, she always add values to the lives of those around her.”

Sharon loves sports and the nature activities- swimming with fish in sea, mountain climbing, hiking in nature, gym and yoga etc. She is a mother of a beautiful sunshine teenager boy.