The Making of a Champion(MOC)

Each place on the MOC programme represents a significant, life-changing investment in a young person’s future which pays back many times over in the added

Effective Communication (EC)

Effective Communication course will help you to improve your communication skills, overcome communication barriers, understand styles of behaviour and various ways of communication and solve

Effective Selling Strategies (ESS)

Well-trained sales people will deliver increased sales, better client relationships, improved market share and additional profit for their organisations. And we will help your people

Effective Team Dynamics (ETD)

Learn the true benefits of teamwork in the workplace, and how it can expand your skills, earn you greater success, and develop leadership qualities. We

Effective Strategic Leadership (ESL)

You will be able to shape key strategies, optimise the organisation’s structure, ensure the right people occupy the right roles, whilst recognising the most effective

Effective Motivational Leadership (EML)

 “The most successful leaders are those who recognise the creative potential of every person on their team and empower them to realise that potential.” During

Leadership for Women (LFW)

  Our Women in Leadership programme explores these challenges and helps participants develop the essential attitudes, self-confidence and leadership qualities required to lead modern effective

Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

Sometimes, working longer hours isn’t the right approach, as you risk burning out and abandoning the task at hand. Instead, effective leadership teaches you how to organise

Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

Our twelve-phase Effective Personal Leadership programme will reveal your true potential and help you develop the skills you need to achieve your goals and create

Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

The Effective Personal Productivity programme will suit those with existing management responsibilities, from first line managers to senior directors, who also want to develop as